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Journal :: October 12, 2014

 Faint dull pain in my wrist. The subtlest of throbbing.

The feeling that I should be doing something else. Something more worthwhile. Something more substantial.

 What did you do today?
- I did some writing.
Oh, you mean you didn't really do anything, like you didn't clean the carport, or oil the deck, or fasten the threshold on the kitchen door, or prune the ivy on the front steps, or collect signatures to get an initiative on the ballot to increase funding for libraries?

This pen is losing ink. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

A sense of accomplishment comes from completing a specified task that has clear value to others as well as yourself.
- Says who?
Everyone knows it. Duh!

Sometimes my feet seem so far away. Staring at my feet, they seem so far away right now.