Earl & Lily

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my neck is stiff

we are in an art gallery

cecile is looking up at something

walking here, each person that i saw: "i wonder if they're in the class"

i'm wearing hugo's scarf

for dinner i had a slice of pepperoni pizza from gioia

my mom is recovering from a broken knee. she sleeps in a rented hospital bed in the middle of the family room

we have two dogs: earl & lily

i've been hospitalized twice in my life

in jr. high school my friend joe stole marijuana from his mom and we smoked it during lunch in an old girl scout cabin that was boarded up because of a fire

i lived in new york for five years

tomorrow is my wife's birthday. i don't have a present for her. she loves flowers and back rubs

i graduated from college with a business degree and no idea what i wanted to do

i knew i didn't want a job that required a business degree