Things I remember, Part 1

flowers & raybans-xerox by deborah-1988_small.jpg

Walking home from school in second grade, kicking Rick Willhoft in the butt as a joke, and he started crying and everyone thought I was so mean.

Finding a dead snake on our back patio with a beak sticking out of its side. It tried to eat a bird. I was six or seven.

Buying flowers for my Mom on Mother's Day, and hoping nobody I knew would see me holding them because I would have been embarrassed.

Stealing cigarettes.

Judy Ferria stomping on a ring I gave her, and then wrapping it up in a big ball of masking tape and giving it to me. When I unwrapped it and saw what it was I felt pretty bad. That was in sixth grade.

Going to a beach in LA with some people I didn't know very well (friends of friends), and when we got there it was a nude beach. Everyone took their clothes off but I didn't want to so I went walking down the beach by myself, and didn't come back for a long time, hoping by the time I got back they would be ready to leave.