Thanksgiving with the Honeys

graceland. memorabilia room

graceland. memorabilia room


Stopped at the corner market on the way to the train. June asked for a pack of Vantages. The woman handed her band-aids.

Half hour wait to buy tickets. Switched trains at Jamaica station. Took it to the end of the line. Got picked up by June's mom and someone named Rena.

A house after Elvis' heart.

First course is half a grapefruit with a strawberry on top. June and Robert eat only the strawberry. People ask who I am. June tells them I was in a band she used to work with. That's as far as any curiosity goes.

June's dad works at a hospital. Graveyard shift. He had to go to work after dinner. June said "I'll come with you". He responded dismissively: "Why would you do that?" It seemed clear to me that it was an attempt to show him some affection. Either it was lost on him, or he was so uncomfortable with the idea of affection that he brushed it off.