3:16 AM

hugo holday wish list 2016_adj01-sm.jpg

MARCH 2012

It's 3:16 AM. I just finished my post. Been down here since 8:30. Took an hour and a half nap at around midnight.

So slow and painful, but I hung in there until I thought it was good. Now I think it's good, and I feel good.

Always the question: "Can I make it a little better?"

When I finished the post, I sat staring at the screen for a long time trying to come up with a title. Then I decided to brainstorm - write down any and every possibility I could think of. Especially the bad ones. That is the key - you need to put everything down, even when you know there's no way you would use it. You must take the editor out of the loop entirely to free yourself up. Eventually what you're looking for will appear. I would never have come up with the title I did by staring at the screen. Only by making the list.

In the trenches and learning.

Good night.