wing tips and striped socks_fx02.jpg

Fastidiously - that's how the guy across the aisle just wiped down his tray table - top and bottom - and washed his hands with antibacterial goo. Now I can't stop monitoring his behavior. 

His socks match his pants perfectly. He's reading a kindle but I can't quite make out what it says. What might he be reading...?

Did he just order prune juice? That would be awesome if he did.

Had a good trip. LA is growing on me. It used to be that you either liked New York or LA, and whichever one you liked, you had to hate the other one. I chose New York. But that was a long time ago. Both cities have changed a lot. I don't feel the same connection to New York that I did. LA is closer, and flights are cheaper, so I may consider changing teams.