Things I remember, Part 2

me and mike watching tv 1969 or so_adj01-sm.jpg

I remember the Carps next door to us on Stanford Drive: an old lady and her grown son. She seemed to be constantly calling for him in an annoying voice: "Teddy! Teddy!". He would respond: "Coming Mother!". She was always complaining about something, like the tree in our front yard dropping leaves on their lawn.

I remember having to pick up after our dog, and once throwing a shovelful of poop over the fence into the neighbor's yard. Then someone yelled "HEY!" really loud, and I ran and hid.

I remember having a song idea one night when I was getting ready for bed - I was eight - and going into my parents' room and trying to sing it to them. They didn't seem very interested. They just said "It's time for bed". I was crushed. I thought it was a really good idea. 

I remember Space Food Sticks: "What the astronauts eat".

I remember my mom drawing Peanuts characters on our lunch bags every day, and the other kids at school being envious.