My biggest fear


DECEMBER 29, 2017

Sitting in bed with my laptop. I need to write a post for today. Going through old ideas – nothing interests me whatsoever. Why am I doing this?

What would be the equivalent of the stand-up comic going on late to a mostly empty room, dropping 'the act', and getting real?

Was going to go to Verizon to get a new phone and switch carriers. My phone died a few days ago. Don't feel like dealing with it today. Trying to let myself off the hook.

It's sunny. I don't feel horrible but I've got a bug for sure. I haven't showered for a couple days.

Isabelle just came in to show me a picture of Mark Hamill and his dog Millie, that looks exactly like our dog Lilly.

Two days left of 2017.

My biggest fear: I'm not that talented and will never create anything exceptional.

Hugo is practicing scales on trumpet.

Hungry. A little sweaty, although I don't think I have a fever.