Go with it

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OK, so here's the deal: I'm tired of fussin' with these blog posts every night. So this will be my new approach: I will pull out an old journal from the file cabinet in the closet, open it to a random page, and transcribe whatever's on that page. No more flipping around looking for something good or interesting. Just whatever I happened to have written that day. 
And the accompanying photo - I'm just going to grab the first one I like and be done with it. Let randomness be the curator for a while.
Here we go:

APRIL 30, 2014

Just finished practicing. Checked in on my upper range. "Forever Young" - D, E, F# are all there. I'm sure I can balance them and make them usable.

Going to SF today. Take some equipment to Gary Mankin for him to sell on eBay. Then meeting Silvio. Need to work on 'NYC - First Open Mike'. I'm performing it tomorrow night at Monkey House.

Later - 7:00 PM or so.

This green pen seems all wrong but I will go with it. 

Had a session with Lynn this afternoon. We did EFT using fear of making a bad mistake and it really triggered something. I cried a little, and she kept saying how much I was releasing tension, negative energy. I felt opened up after the session. Open hearted. Couldn't wait to give my kids a big hug.