JULY 26, 2014

It's 5:00 AM. Went to bed at 1:00. Played at Jupiter last night with Joshi, Geechi, and Parker. Fun, fun, fun.

Been busy with work - three JMS projects, one Bonfire, and just got hired by SLAP to do something for AAA. Did a round of music for Katy's film. 14 cues. Really like how they turned out. Katy was very excited and appreciative.

Watched 'Sound City' the other night with Isabelle. Dave Grohl seems like a genuinely good guy.

I'm tired but I don't know if I could fall asleep. Birds chirping. Starting to get light. Dawn. Don't experience that too often. 

The trip to Chicago is coming up fast. Two and a half weeks. Isabelle off to college. How can that be? Unfathomable.