Documented cases

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I had a girlfriend once that was out of focus.
- What?
When you saw her in person, you couldn’t really tell, but in every picture she was out of focus.
- Maybe all the pictures are out of focus.
No, it was definitely her.
- Who took the pictures?
It was all different pictures. Her whole life.
- Yeah, but who took them?
Her mom, mostly.
- Maybe her mom takes blurry pictures. She could have a cheap camera.
No. That’s not it. It was her. Besides, there are documented cases of it.
- I’ve never heard of one.
They’re mostly in the Dominican Republic.
- Yeah, that means it never happened.
How do you know?
- Whenever you hear about some unexplained phenomenon, it conveniently takes place in another country. I’m sure when people in the Dominican Republic talk about weird things happening, they say it happened in Ohio.
Fine. Believe what you want. But I do know a guy who got in a car accident and came out with a French accent.
- No you don’t.
Yup. I went to high school with him. He lived in Arizona all his life, never been to Europe or Paris or France, and he hits his head in a car crash, and starts talking with a perfect French accent. Like a diplomat or something.
- I don't believe a word you're telling me.
It's totally true. I couldn’t stay friends with him. It was too weird. He started dressing different. Wearing silk scarves, and striped shirts.