Generally purposeless

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On the Wikipedia page, on the left column, there's a link called 'Random Article' that you can click to get a random article. Sometimes I use it to find ideas for song names. There are a LOT of entries in Wikipedia, so you never run out.

Here are some random results for your enjoyment:

Sylvi-Kyllikki Kilpi
Sylvi-Kyllikki Kilpi (née Sylvia-Kyllikki Brink, later Sinervo) was a Finnish journalist, literary critic and politician. She was a member of the Parliament of Finland.

Inflatable Rat
Inflatable rats, or union rats, are commonly used in the United States by protesting or striking trade unions against their employers to call public attention to companies employing nonunion labor.

Gazpacho (band)
Gazpacho are an art rock band from Oslo, Norway. Their music has been described by one critic as being "classical post ambient nocturnal atmospheric neo-progressive folk world rock”.

Western Longnose Spurdog
The western longnose spurdog ( Squalus nasutus) is a dogfish of the family Squalidae, found on the continental shelf off the northwest and southwest coasts of Western Australia.

Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities. Fun is an experience — often unexpected, informal, generally not cerebral and generally purposeless.