Early in the game

me-tie dye shirt-davis-stanford drive-1968_adj01-sm.jpg

Most of the time I work on these posts late at night, and it can feel like being back in school with an assignment due the next day: a combination of desperation, regret that I didn't start work on it earlier, and resentment for having so much homework. Which is not ideal for creating something insightful or uplifting. Instead, it usually triggers "just get it done" mode.

That's why, some days, the post is simply a photo and a brief comment. Which I guess is fine, but it's not what I initially intended. I wanted this to be more about writing. Trying new things. Taking chances.

I also hadn't intended to write blog posts about writing blog posts.

I did know, though, when I undertook this venture, that I'd feel cornered at times, having to come up with something I felt was worth posting day after day. In my imagination that lead to creative breakthroughs, not breakdowns.

But, hey, it's still early in the game. A lot can happen in 841 days.