Out of sorts

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FEBRUARY 2, 2017

Late Thursday night (it’s 1:06 am, so it’s actually Friday). Went to the screening, and had drinks after. Feeling out of sorts. Awkward. Insignificant.

Nothing scheduled for tomorrow, so I’m thinking of going back early. Don’t know why I would stay here other than because I am here. I could go to a museum, or hang out in cafes writing. Just not feeling it though. Don’t like my hotel. The rental car is not the one I wanted. The whole “I got this down” experience I had last time is not happening this time.

Beth wasn’t able to set up any meetings for me. I didn’t try to get together with anyone. Not sure why. Definitely having some ambivalence. Don’t know what that’s about. 

Maybe it’s the weather.

Maybe it’s the political and social unrest.


I’m going to take a shower.