Ten minutes

me-signing paper-bowery_adj01-sm.jpg

OK - here's a new game: I have 10 minutes to write today's post. Ready, Go.

It's 8:08. Erica is in LA. Hugo and Muwazu are upstairs - I think they're making hot dogs for dinner. I worked on end-of-year numbers (tax stuff) that I have to give our accountant on Friday. I sang a lot today. Any progress? If so, it's imperceptible. Tried to record an improvised song but didn't get much of anything. Started reading 'Songwriters on Songwriting' again, a book I've had since the 90s that I go back to every few years. Suzanne Vega is very insightful about the process. I was a big fan of her first two albums.
Not allowed to stop typing, that's the rule.
Jeez, this is going to suck.
It stopped raining.
I guess I'm getting hungry.
Wow, your life is SO FREAKIN' FASCINATING!
Thanks. Thanks for noticing :)
Keep tapping on those little keys. Just keep tapping. Something good will come. Any day now. I promise....

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