Maxine Malou

isabelle and maxine-malou_adj01-sm.jpg

Isabelle and I used to play music together when she was little. I would strum some chords on guitar and she would sing, making up words as she went. This is a song she sang about Maxine Malou, a dog we were fostering:

Ready, Set, Go!
Big long eared doggy is Maxine Malou
That is her all right, because her ears can touch her nose, all right
Maxine Malou is the one
She is mine all right, with her big long nose
And her big long ears
She is a funny one
She climbs up on my furniture
And grabs my toys for sure
She snatches underwear for sure
She's a foxhound for sure
And she's so strong
Maxine Malou with big long ears
Once we ran out of doggy food, but we got some more
Those big long ears sure are funny
Maxine Malou you are a funny one
You are mine from toe to tongue
You are mine all right
Yes you are
Maxine Malou