The cabin

Driving to the cabin-2018-snowing_adj01-sm.jpg


We are at the cabin. It took seven and a half hours to get here. It's snowing. The roads kept closing.

On New Year's eve someone backed into Erica's car in front of our house, leaving a hole in the bumper. She took it in to get fixed earlier this week, and was given a rental car, which is all-wheel-drive. Because we were in an all-wheel-drive vehicle we were allowed to continue on the road to the cabin. A random set of circumstances that went in our favor.

When we turned the water on, the pipe that connects to the bottom of the toilet tank broke off and water flooded the bathroom.

I ate too much kettle corn in the car out of boredom.
Lily is on my lap making it difficult to type. 
I'm on my third glass of wine.

I'm looking at two mounted deer heads on the wall - shot, many years ago, by Erica's uncle Robert. Their antlers and faces are covered in cobwebs.

The boys are sledding on the roof, even though it's dark out and 19 degrees.