Maybe she's trying to tell me something

In-N-Out Burger-fries-fast food_adj01-sm.jpg

A bird has been pecking at my window for the last week or so. First it was annoying, then I got curious: "Maybe she's trying to tell me something".
Then it got annoying again.

Sometimes I practice saying things that employees at fast food restaurants have to say, like "I can supersize that for an additional fifty cents". Just in case. 

When Palm Pilots came out I had a few friends tell me how great they were, so I ordered one. I was excited to get it, so I paid extra for next day delivery. Several years later I gave it to the Goodwill, never having opened the box.

I tried on some shoes today at a running store. The salesperson was very knowledgeable. As I was walking around the store in a pair of low-drop Brooks Adrenalines, I remembered that I don't run, so I didn't buy them.