Not the most expedient route

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JANUARY 27, 2017

Saw Michael Chabon last night at BPC. Really good talk/interview. The interviewer was an NPR correspondent who had spent time in Iraq, among other places. I asked a question at the end about the organizing principles he uses when approaching a book. He had said earlier that he didn't do outlines, but later mentioned something about rules in relation to a character in his recent book. He was very thoughtful with his answer - he talked about a labyrinth, and how, if you kept your hand against one wall you would eventually find your way out. It may not be the most expedient route, but it will eventually get the job done. He was funny, articulate, and smart. Very enjoyable discussion.

It's beautiful out. Playing tennis with Mark at 5:00. Getting ready for the house concert on Saturday. It's a lot of work to convert the studio. Always more than I expect.

Didn't sleep well. Haven't for the past few nights. Decided to forgo caffeine and alcohol for a couple of days. See if that helps.

How come I am feeling so blah? Maybe I need to take a walk. Fresh air. Circulate some systems in my body.

Keep the faith.