I think she just needs to laugh

earl puppy, and lily on chair_adj01.jpg

I saw a picture of a grade school friend online today, and, as much as I tried, I couldn't reconcile it with the person I knew.

I'm sitting at a table with a guy named Javier. He's writing in a cool looking notebook. Groups of words are circled, with arrows pointing to other groups. Titles are triple underlined. Lots of exclamation points. Makes whatever he's doing look much more interesting than what I'm doing.

I keep overhearing snatches of conversation. Not intentionally, but it's pretty quiet in here, and it's hard not to.

"I hate the pastel business casual look. What is that all about?"
"She totally fucked my shit up. I had to go to the mall the next day and get it re-cut."
"It was the worst birthday that I ever, ever, ever had."

A guy just opened a bag of potato chips, and his dog sat up and is now staring at him..

What do you want to write about? I don't know.
What's on your mind? Good question.

There's a girl - a young woman - in her 20s, sitting with two friends, and she's laughing much more than the other two. I think she just needs to laugh, and is going to whether or not the conversation merits it.

It's Thursday, but has felt like Friday all day. What does Friday feel like? What's the difference?