A good day

brown baby-italy_adj01-sm.jpg


Isabelle got her first bike
Jake is one month old

We just watched four movies:
1) Chicken Run
2) Darling
3) How To Steal A Million
4) Walkng Dead

I'm holding a baby doll. Its rubber head smells like vanilla.
The Incredible Hulk is passed out by an empty wine glass.

I'm writing just to write. To stop the itching. The itching to do something.

Today was a good day. A family day. Both as a parent and son. Husband and brother.

I've been feeling anxious lately. A little edgy and unsettled. Trying to hang with it and see if it points me in a creative direction. Something new. A film, maybe? That's what it feels like, but it's not clear. What motivates us to take on a project? Making a movie is no small undertaking.