Vivid vignette


JUNE 21, 2014

I've been re-reading Sam Shepard's 'Motel Chronicles'. Really vivid vignettes that create a strong sense of place, and the feel of being in that place. Always a little unsettled, with some dark mystery lurking.

Going to a play tonight at The Marsh.

It's Isabelle's last summer before going away to college. I really want us all to have fun together. I'm going to campaign for 'The Best Summer Ever' - see if I can get anyone on board. I'll have to get creative to lure the kids off of their devices.

It smells like a campfire in my studio today. Last night we had a fire on the back deck in the new fire pit that I got for Father's day. I like the smoky smell. It's novel. Just the smell of a campfire can shift the way you feel.