Surprisingly energizing

cafe mogador, nyc 1990

cafe mogador, nyc 1990


there aren't many things i miss about new york, but writing in cafes is one of them. everyone here is so polite and considerate, which is a good thing, but something about the grittiness of new york was inspiring.

feeling run down. having "oh no, maybe i have pneumonia" thoughts.
weird taste in my mouth. maybe the b12 i took.
or that thing i found in the street that i'm sucking on.

the difference between boring & interesting:
energy, conviction, commitment
someone can obsess about a trivial thing, an otherwise uninteresting thing, but their total engagement with it is compelling.

this morning i got out my vintage florsheim wing tips and thought "Jesus, these are heavy", then wore different shoes. the slow descent to favoring comfort over style... must. resist.

i am here to write. i am writing. yay, good job!

do you have to be desperate to be interesting?
do you have to be neurotic?
do the stakes have to be high?
- it certainly helps

just had a chat with a guy i know, which was surprisingly energizing.
the power of relating / connecting.