Another bite of toast and egg

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put water in the kettle set it on the back burner turned the burner to high put a small frying pan on the front burner turned it to medium got butter strawberry jam an egg parmesan cheese from the fridge picked up the stick of butter from the dish rubbed it on the frying pan cracked the egg into the pan grated  parmesan cheese onto it shook salt and pepper on it put a lid on the pan turned the heat to low got the loaf of bread from the bread drawer put a slice in the toaster got the box of pomegranate rooibos tea from the cupboard took out a teabag put it in a cup
waited for the kettle to whistle
took the kettle off the burner filled the cup with water from the kettle checked the egg turned off the burner checked the toast one side perfect the other not quite flipped it got a plate fork knife napkin set them on the counter took the toast out of the toaster put it on the plate turned the toaster off got a potholder took the lid off the frying pan picked up the frying pan with the potholder carried it to the counter slid the egg onto the toast spread some jam on the edges of the toast got a spoon from the drawer took the tea bag out of the cup took a sip of tea took a bite of toast and egg
took another sip of tea
took another bite of toast and egg