Rabbit hole



Just had a long song singing session. I wasn't singing long songs, I was singing songs for a long time - just to be clear. Feeling good. Party at Duende tonight. Michael & Melissa & Nan & Remi are going.

Diving deep into yet another cataloging-your-life project: the music library. I have so many tracks I've written over the years, and now I'm going through them all to identify which ones were done for clients, and which ones are available to license. Pulling out all the old hard drives...

I do feel that all the archiving (rummaging) I'm doing is going to be freeing once I get to the other side of it. As long as it's purpose driven. Done with a clear intention.

Still, shit gets stirred up. You can't delve into the past day after day without having some run-ins with unresolved issues. Unprocessed emotions. It doesn't just go away. It's like debt: you still owe, and now you have to pay the interest and penalties. Whose got time for that?

But, if you numb yourself to it that's no good either. That may seem like the expedient way out, but in the long run you pay a higher price.

Lately it seems like wherever I turn I fall down a rabbit hole.