Maybe a tiny bit

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AUGUST 9, 2015

Yesterday Hugo and I rode our bikes from Hercules, across the Carquinez Bridge, into wherever you are when you cross the Carquinez Bridge (Vallejo, probably). The plan is to ride to Davis this summer. I don't think we're on track for that. It's going to take a while to work up to it.

Too much on my mind. Too many thoughts swarming around. Richard Liao, the Chinese herbalist, always takes one look at me and shakes his head: "Too much thinking. Head too hot. Need to empty all the thinking."
OK - write it all down. See if that helps:
• Hugo music camp audition video
• 2014 Taxes: $10K due in October
• Property Taxes: $7K due in December
• The Nine: Katy's latest note "Be bold and inventive"
• Piano Lessons: just do it already. what are you waiting for?
• Second Person: re-edit in Premier
• Learn Premier
• Window blinds: call Bond?
• Install acoustic tiles
* Wood rot on front deck
• Solar panels
• Trim oak tree
• Craig's List ad for Erica's car
• Quickbooks inputting
• Tune harp
• Update Ever Music Group website
• New modem
• Volunteer somewhere
• Install charger in carport
• Buy a slide scanner on eBay

What else? Am I empty yet? Do I feel any less scattered?
No. Not at all.
Well, maybe a tiny bit.