Window shopping

me-nyc-fire escape-closing window.JPEG

I do a lot of window shopping. Window shopping for personal growth. Window shopping for spiritual awakening. I rarely actually go in the store. I just stand on the sidewalk, staring through the glass, thinking "Ooh, that looks nice - a meditation retreat!" I'm tempted to sign up, but then I imagine being there with a bunch of strangers that are all probably a little weird in some way, and how it would be awkward to be there, but even more awkward to try and leave. And at the end of each day everyone would be talking about how amazing it was, and transcendent, and they would say things like "It really opened me up" and I would have to smile and nod and fake like I agreed, but really all I'd be thinking about is how bad my back hurt from sitting cross legged on the floor all day. 

So I usually don't sign up.