It's all so same

Sky, clouds, sun, trees_adj01-sm04b.jpg

Today is like any other day. There is no reason to talk about it. It is so boring.

Let me tell you about how boring it is.

It is so boring that I can't even describe it.

But I will try.

I must try.

Today is a lot, lot, lot boring. Everything the same. Nothing new. Nothing better than yesterday.

Brush my teeth - same.

Put on sox - same.

Eat some cereal - same (taste is the same, chewing is the same).

I say "Good morning" to my wife - same.

She says "Good morning, dear" - same.

I make some tea - same.

Water too hot, burns my tongue - same.

I get mad and grumpy - same.

I look out the window: the sky, the sun, the clouds - same!

It is all so same! How do you expect me to get excited!

Same, same, same!


I do like the way the sky looks, though.

And how the cereal tastes.

And the way my wife says "dear".

And the tea. Once my tongue stops hurting.