Such a pleasant thing

Airplane Wing-Switzerland-2016_adj01-sm.jpg

APRIL 18, 2016

Lufthansa, Flight 455. Three hours into a ten hour flight to Switzerland. First to Frankfurt, then Geneva. Headed to Visions du Réel Film Festival in Nyon for the premier of 'The Nine'.

After snack was served we got hot towels. Such a pleasant thing! I vote for hot towels more often in life.

Loaded my Kindle with:
'Hold Still', Sally Mann
'All The Light We Cannot See', Anthony Doerr
'Between The World And Me', Ta-Nehisi Coates

Sally Mann references Joan Didion's advice: 'Remain on nodding terms, at least, with the people we used to be, lest they show up to settle accounts at some dark 4:00 a.m. of the soul.'

I heard that exercising before a long flight was a good thing, so I went on a run this morning. Feeling relaxed. This should be a fun trip.

Tomorrow I'll watch a film I scored in a movie theater for the first time. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was reading 'The Complete Guide To Film Scoring'.