Good to be home

model railroad museum. crockett, ca.

model railroad museum. crockett, ca.

JOURNAL - JUNE 11, 2017

On the train ride home we go straight to the cafe car: Hugo gets the cheese and crackers plate, I get a beer and some pretzel chips.

We go upstairs and find a booth. He listens to Charlie Parker on his phone, and I read the Davis High paper, looking for last names I recognize - maybe the kids of people I knew in high school.

We get off at the Berkeley station and search for the quarter we put on the tracks before we left, but don’t find it. Next time we’ll put one further down the track so it won’t get picked up by someone else.

Back at our house Isabelle is in the kitchen with her friend Daniel. They're baking pear tarts. The smell is heavenly.

Even though we were only gone for the day, it feels really good to be home.