Santa Barbara to Toronto

Pool-4ft edit.jpg

Post college graduation road trip: Santa Barbara to Toronto. As a 22 year-old I didn't have much interest in writing, but I did scribble down a few details between beers.

Got to Las Vegas 5:30 AM. Went to breakfast at Circus Circus - $1.99 buffet - worse than dorm food. Cruised casinos playing nickle slots. Saw clown making balloon animals (boo). 107 degrees outside. Went swimming. Met friend of Kit's (Sanya) and cruised to Ceasar's and MGM. Kit drank from statues tit.

Left around 4:00, headed for Colorado. Stopped in the middle of nowhere and ate and went swimming again. Had a pita at Burger King. Played frisbee golf. Bought stupid postcards.