I am already asleep

wagoneer-full side view-wire fence_adj01-sm03.jpg


Each page costs one and a half cents, so it makes no sense to even let it cross your mind. 

Mike said that Mr. T wanted $25,000 and a Jeep to do Hollywood squares. 

I think "Friction" can stand as some sort of proof that I can write a decent lyric. 

Went and looked at a 12-string acoustic guitar owned by a woman who played for nuclear disarmament coalition gatherings. 

At one end of the table the conversation was about raising seven piglets on a bottle because the mother went dry, and the other end talked about how silicon chips worked, and I didn't know which one to try and join, so I just listened.

If I were typing on a typewriter right now it would seem very loud.

I can't write anymore because I am already asleep.