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MAY 28TH, 1988

 Peculiar weather today. White clouds and blue sky, but it’s raining. Calm cool wind. 

 Joe is filling his car tires with air from a pump he plugs into the cigarette lighter. it makes a noise like a child’s toy machine gun. Yesterday he used it to fill the bike tires of the neighbor kids. Their mom is pregnant. The four of them live in a studio apartment the size of mine.

I wish I could leave my body and be only pure thought. I would always be wherever I wanted, just by thinking it. Time and distance would have no meaning. I could study for a hundred years, or see the world in a moment.

Went to Capitol Park late last night with Deborah. There are so many different kinds of trees there! Four hundred and something. Favorite tree names:
Banana Shrub
Large-Leaved Linden
Little-Leaf Linden
Monkey Puzzle Tree
Weeping Atlas Cedar