When I encounter a word that I’m not completely sure I know the meaning of, I usually forge ahead and hope for the best. Once in a while though, I stop to look something up. Here are some words I’ve looked up. Still a little shaky on a few of them.

relating to or involving the repeated application of a rule, definition, or procedure to successive results.

a state of physical or mental weariness; lack of energy.

the scope of the influence or concerns of something.
a range of experience or thought.

strongly reminiscent or suggestive of something.
fragrant or sweet-smelling: "a rich, inky, redolent wine"

the action of draining a person, animal, or organ of blood.
severe loss of blood.

Bad days

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Some life advice from Tom Waits:

“I used to have some little bad days, and I kept them in a little box. And one day, I threw them out into the yard. ‘Oh, it's just a couple little innocent bad days.’ Well, we had a big rain. I don't know what it was growing in but I think we used to put eggshells out there and coffee grounds, too. Don't plant your bad days. They grow into weeks. The weeks grow into months. Before you know it you got yourself a bad year. Take it from me. Choke those little bad days. Choke 'em down to nothin'. They're your days. Choke 'em!” 


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MAY 2018

I'm sitting in a room full of creative people fully engaged in what they're doing. They're not blocked or hindered, distracted or conflicted. They're working. They have flow. I watch with envy, unable to focus on anything. I get more and more anxious the longer I sit here.

On the bright side, the lady at the cafe gave me a free cookie. And I got a good parking spot. What else… the plumber fixed the bathtub drain.