Buy them by the handful

Mike Birthday-cake & hats-1964_adj01-sm.jpg


Okie dokie. Good idea. Leaving now.

Still unsure what sound you’re talking about.

No. Weird. Wanna call him?

AND he was reeeaaally cute!

You can just have the ravioli.


Sounds good man.

I like funky as long as it’s clean and not stinky.

funny...he never has dessert at home

I do not know what it means.

We are going to the zoo!

Like in a hour

Hey man, everything OK?

Refried beans!!

A slow erosion of character and soul.

Fuck yeah!

He does seem a little better, doesn't he?

I just buy them by the handful at the 99 cent store.

Can you help me with my Karaoke party?

We are not going to cover it up.