An exciting new adventure


September 7, 1997

 Dearest Son,

 Do you think a lot about becoming a married man? Do you think your priorities will change? Does this worry you?

Things will be different in some ways but I know you're ready to put Erica first. You love one another very much - you'll work things out together Steve.

What an exciting new adventure you're anticipating - with some apprehension I'm sure, but the important thing - you'll be together in life's journey.

Steve, cherish Erica - try never to go to bed mad at one another, try to make every day special in some way.

I really believe when you live with someone who's kind, gentle, considerate you become a better person yourself. Certainly that has been true living with your Dad. He has made me a better person - it seems we love each other more every day. I feel very fortunate.

I love you,

 love & hug for Erica

 Quote by Albert Schweitzer: "Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory".