Yelled at an ant

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Things That Happened Today:
the roofers didn't come (because of the rain)
Isabelle had sharing. she brought lamby-puppy
booked a gig at SF MOMA
yelled at an ant

It's 10:13 pm. Everyone in the house is asleep. My jaw is tense. The dentist said I need eight crowns at a thousand dollars a piece. Hah! Like that's going to happen.

I always try harder (or pretend to) at whatever I'm doing (or pretending to do) if I know someone is looking. Even if it's a total stranger. I was playing tennis against the wall at the park and some guy walked by with his dog and I caught myself trying to make a good impression.

I’ve been using this lame old desk chair for years. It's totally uncomfortable, and I sit in it for hours every day. Why don’t I get a better chair? I paid seven dollars for it. 

Yesterday I was excited about so many things. Now I can't remember any of them.