Don't you worry

ferry to vancouver island, 1970

ferry to vancouver island, 1970


I can hear a siren, and someone in the alley moving or rummaging around.

Richard called earlier for no apparent reason.

A comedy sketch about Granny Goose meeting Daffy Duck was just playing in my head. It appeared out of nowhere. It was pretty funny. 
These things happen.

Did laundry, and I know you want to hear all the details - how I decided what to wash, why I used one particular washer and one particular dryer, where I keep the box of soap, how long I set the timer for, where I looked for quarters because there weren't enough in my basket (the one I keep my wallet, keys, change, checkbook, watch, sunglasses in) - but I don't have time to get into it right now, so it will have to wait.
Don't you worry though, I'll pick it up tomorrow.