Be where you are

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DECEMBER 14, 2017

I slept in this morning. So nice to be able to do that once in a while. Thank you Erica.

Was up until 2:00 or so last night. I like working late when I get a second wind. With everyone else asleep the energy is definitely different.

In the bookstore yesterday I read some of Irvin Yalom's memoir. He was so neurotic, at a time when going to therapy reflected badly on a person.

Make a list of people to meet with next year. Try for one a week.

Proposal. Pitch deck. Get clear on the vision for the show. Put it up on the wall. Get it out of the box.
Two and a half years until launch.

Joe Henry goes to museums looking for titles he could use for songs. I like that.

Hugo has a concert at OSA on Saturday. He's been practicing a lot. He's gotten very dedicated, playing his scales and exercises every day. Now it makes me feel like I should be practicing more.

Be where you are. Be who you are. It's no use trying not to be.